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forklift rental SeattleFinding a reliable rental company can be very time-consuming. They can have some policies you do not agree with but there are ways of finding the perfect forklift rental Seattle, WA company in your area so if you live in the Seattle Washington area here are a couple of places you can check out their prices which is very reasonable and their policies are good too.

The first rental company is named Pacific Rim Equipment Rental. Pacific Rim Equipment Rental is located in Seattle Washington.

They are a general construction equipment rental company that is serving the Puget region therefore If you are looking for a reasonably priced forklift rental Seattle, WA you came to the right place. We believe in providing equipment and tools to the common man so you can achieve your goals.

The type of equipment they rent out include:

  • shoring rates
  • dirt equipment
  • aerial equipment and forklifts
  • lawn and garden equipment
  • snow removal & air comp blow out season rates
  • contractor general

Those are the types of equipment they have to offer. And their prices are as followed:

Jumping jack compactor ½ day $62 day $75.00 weekly $300

Plate compactor ½ $61 day $73.50 weekly $285

Pump 1 day $10 weekly $30

Lifting device daily $40 weekly $175

9000 # cap LPG Nissan 90 daily $258

15,000# cap diesel cat 155 daily $425

Those are just some of the prices of their products.

Pacific Rim Equipment Rental has a commitment to safety. They make sure their team members and their customers are held in high regards. And all of their equipment rentals are maintained and is in operating condition. And when you are renting from them you must provide them with your identification you must have two forms of id, you must have a credit card, and three months of utility bills. Those are some of the requirements Pacific Rim Equipment Rental has in place.

Save Money on Forklift Rental Seattle, Washington

The next rental company name is Star rental. Star rental company do not have a fully rental company, but they have a line that is dedicated to their rental department. All of their MyForkliftRental equipment is always clean and ready to go. All of your forklift rental Seattle needs can be met here where they value their customers.

Here are some of the products they have to offer:

  • warehouse forklifts
  • dozers
  • excavators
  • track loaders
  • dump trucks
  • skids steers
  • backhoes
  • water trucks

Those are some of the forklifts and other equipment, and their prices are as follow:

Forklift 16/19’5000# 4WD daily $225 weekly $790.

Forklift 35’ 6000# 4 WD daily $235 weekly $845 monthly $2,020

Forklift 55’ 10000 # 4WD daily $490.00 weekly $1775 monthly $4620

Forklift 42-44’ 12000# 4WD daily $490 weekly $1775 monthly $4620

Those are a few of prices for their forklifts.

They guarantee that their products will work because they have the best mechanics keeping their equipment in working condition. If they do not have something, you need they promise to get it for you.

Types Forklift Rental Seattle, Washington

The last forklift rental Seattle company I will mention is Rent1 rentals. They are located in Seattle Washington. And they will have you ready in a few minutes. They have around 60 different types of heavy equipment for you to choose from. They even have equipment you can use at your home. So no matter what kind of job you are doing they got you covered.

Their rental equipment includes:

  • skid steers
  • excavators
  • mini excavators
  • compact track loaders

Those are some of the products they have to offer and their products prices are:

Case CX 210 B daily $725 weekly $2650 monthly $2650

Case CX240B daily $750 weekly $2,900 monthly $8600

Cat 320 DL daily $725 weekly $2650 monthly $8300

Cat 324 DL daily $725 weekly $2500 monthly $8000

Those are some of the products and prices you can choose from.

Rent1 is a good company to rent from because they care about their customers and they will do whatever it takes to make sure you are satisfied with the equipment you choose to rent from them.

In conclusion, the three companies that were mention above have some of the best equipment you can use for your next job rather it be in your home yard or something big they got you covered. Therefore, if you want to rent any equipment give them a try, they will be there every step of the way, and they have some very reasonable prices.

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