Save Time & Money with Forklift Rental in Salt Lake City, UT

forklift rental Salt Lake CityIf you own a company and you are trying to ensure that you and your company save the money you need then make sure that you get forklift rental Salt Lake City from our company (MyForkliftRental). We are partnered with many different companies that will help us and you save the money you need no matter what.

When you want to save money in Salt Lake City Utah there are a lot of factors that you have to remember when it comes to forklift rental Salt Lake City. You will pay less because there are a lot of partners that will give you a nice discount or just give you a decent price on whatever forklift you are looking for. Salt Lake City Equipment is well maintained and ready to go.

Various Types of Salt Lake City Forklift training

  • Sit-Down Rider Foklifts
  • Electric Forklifts
  • Rough Terrain
  • Telescope Reach
  • Warehouse Forklifts
  • Diseal Forklifts
  • Narow-Aisle Forklits

If you are ready to save some money then make sure that you start by a nice forklift rental Salt Lake City for your project needs. Rening a Forklift is better than buying one that you don’t need at the time. Sometimes reting one is better and when you are ready you can bu one if you have the space for it in the Future.

The Prices in Salt Lake City for Forklift Rentals

When you are thinking about renting for your company there are a lot of ways to save some money. You can rest assure that you will be able to save some money by renting these forklifts instead of buying them when you are not going to need them for a long period of time.

10,000 LB Reach Forklift is going to run you about 450,000 dollars on a dily basis and if you are looking for a weekly stay then you will be looking at a 1,600,000 weekly cost. If you are looking for something less than that then yu can call and see if there is something that we can do.

19’ Scissor Lift  will run you 95.00 daily and weekly you will be able to pay about 275.00 weekly once you decide that you need them for a project that you are in need of.

A 24’ Material Lift will be about 39.00 for abut a 4 hour run, but if it is need longer then you may have to go for about 56.00 Daily or a 227.00 Weekly.

26’ Scissor Lift (Narrow) is used daily and weekly. If you need it daily then you may want to use it for about 135.00 and then if you need it for a weekly project this will cost you about 395.00. There are so many different forklift rental Salt Lake City that you can use when it comes to making sure that you have what you need before you rent.

Forklift Rental Companies in Salt Lake City Utah

Intermountain Lift Truck

3350 2100 S

Hoj Forklift Systems

862 West Fine Drive

Cate Equipment Company

2055 Pioneer Rd

Komatusu Equipment Company

1486 S Distribution Dr

We Have What you Need

When it comes to forklift rental Salt Lake City you have to make sure that you have what you need. When you are looking for certain forklifts then make sure that you know what size you need and how big you need it. Here is an example depending on the company you choose they may come out and do an assessment to see if you need a forklift of a certain kind instead of just giving you one that you may not need. They can come and measure how big your space is and then go from thereof you are ready.

MyForkLiftRental Guarantee

When renting from one of our providers. You get Equipment that is well-maintained. You can get your equipment for as long as you want. And, you can est assure that such equipment will perform at peak capacity,

Pur Authorized dealers often have a large selection of newer forklift models. Units can get rusty, older, and just not work. They are replaced with something new and consists of lae models.

Each Model is maintained and up to date with all of the codes. You can rest assure that you will get a decent forklift rental Salt Lake City for your needs. Remember that the companies we partner with always trade in old for new models, so you won’t have to worry about anything breaking or not doing it’s job.

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