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Which company has the best to offer for the money that you are about to invest. What types of forklift rental Odessa are available aforklift rental Odessa, TXnd what is the cost based on. In the following paragraphs we will attempt to offer a helpful tool in your search for the best equipment money can rent or buy.

OSHA Lists Seven Classes of Forklifts Including:

  • Rider
  • Narrow Aisle
  • Reach
  • Tow
  • Counter balance
  • Pallet

Just to mention a few, however inventory has a much longer list. First you will have to decide where you need to use a lift. Is it a reach forklift rental Odessa for overhead stacking and moving? How about a counterbalance lift or a tow motor? Do you only need a simple pallet jack, we have those too.

Types of Tires

  • A cushion tire is made of solid rubber and resists all sorts of damage; these tires are used on electric forklifts better suited for indoor use.
  • Pneumatic tires are similar to what we use on our personal cars and trucks using compressed air to fill them. These tires work better on uneven surfaces. Usually the forklift using this type of tire is run on gas, diesel, or natural gas
  • Solid Pneumatic is a mixture of the above two types and work really well around buildings under construction because they are so great at preventing flat tires caused by things like screws, glass, and These tires are also better on the rough terrain you find at construction sites.

Fuel Type

  • Consider the cost and convenience of the type fuel you will use to run the forklift rental Odessa of your choice. The gas, diesel, and natural gas driven forklifts work best for outdoor work, and heavy loads, they are also more efficient in a warehouse with a large amount of floor space.
  • A plus is, all shifts can use the same type of fuel and refill a tank or change a fuel cell much faster than recharging a battery for one of the electric models. On the down side, gas and diesel powered models make a lot more noise and you will smell fumes that they emit, also parts and upkeep will cost more on the gas and diesel models.
  • So if you are running a smaller warehouse you would do better to rent one of the electric type forklifts. These are not so noisy and you will have no dangerous fumes to deal with. Therefore no expense of having to add more ventilation.
  • You will however need to have charging stations for each model, which can be quite expensive.


  • A huge part of any project is budget. So you will want to have an idea in mind of how long you will need a machine; is it a one day rental or will you need it for a few weeks or months? This a major question because most companies for forklift rental Odessa either rent them by the hour, day or month. So this obviously will be a great part of the cost.
  • You will want to talk to several different people in the business and get a good number of prices before deciding who will give you the best deal. Part of that deal should include delivery. Will the folks you rent from deliver the lift to your location or is this something you will have to manage on your own? Frankly it is much better if they will deliver for you because you will not have to be involved with gathering all the equipment together in order to move the required type of machine.


There are a lot of companies in Odessa who offer this type of equipment. A partial list of them appears below:

Permian Machinery Movers

2200 W Interstate 20 Odessa,TX 79763

(432) 333-1777

American crane & Equipment

Lark Ave Odessa TX 79762

(432) 363-4920

Forklift Rental & Equipment

4th St Odessa TX 79763


Medley Material Handling

13116 E Highway 191 Odessa TX 79765


H&E Equipment Services

ounty Road 127

Midland TX 79706-6071



So in conclusion, there is obviously a lot to consider. So get your plan together, get the necessary paperwork together, plan your budget, and come by one of these businesses. They will surely exceed your expectations in service and cost. Please allow us to WOW you with our plan to assist your plans. We look forward to serving you.

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