Save Money with Forklift Rental in Loredo, TX – a Right Choice

forklift rental Loredo, TXWhen you have a big job to do, you need to have the right forklift rental Loredo, TX to do it. No matter what kind of forklift you need, we can help. We can take you through the process from start to finish.  

We will find you the lowest rate possible and our partner in your area with the best customer service. We can offer several kinds of forklifts that range from 3000 to over 36000-pound lift.

Whether you need it for warehouse or industrial purpose, we can help you find the right forklift for the job.

Renting Equipment vs. Buying

When you buy your equipment it can put a strain on your budget because it is a very large expense.  Renting is much more economical. You probably will only use the equipment a few times a year and renting will not stretch your budget as badly.

Also, when you rent, the company will provide you with a machine that is the latest model. This will mean low-hour and it is well maintained. If anything were to go wrong with the forklift rental Loredo while you are renting it, the company is responsible for the repairs and will give you a loner machine, if necessary, until repairs are done. You will save money on maintenance, storage, and insurance by renting the forklift instead of buying it.

Many businesses will go for forklift rental Loredo before they buy it. This is a smart move because of the money it saves. Because we work with such a large number of companies, we can almost always find the best forklift for the job you are working on.

Types of Forklifts Available to Meet Your Needs

Visit our website ( to see the different forklifts available in Loredo, Texas. Some of the ones you will find are:

  • Warehouse Forklift
  • Rough Terrain Forklift
  • Telescope Reach Forklift
  • Industrial Forklift
  • Electric Forklift

When you are ready to rent your forklift rental Loredo, simply give us a call and we will get to work for you.

Prices for Forklift Rental Loredo, Texas

A 5,000-pound cushion tire warehouse fork is about $217 a day, $617 a week and $1,388 a month.

A 6,000-pound Pneumatic tire warehouse forklift is $236 a day, $634 a week and $1,589 a month.

The 6,000-pound electric is $342 a day, $899 a week and $2,300 a month.

The 25,000-pound pneumatic tire warehouse forklift is $800 a day,  $2,362 a week and $5,576 a month

For  the Rough Terrain Forklifts the prices are as follows:

6,000 pound, 21 ft straight mast $363 a day, $956 a week and $2,216 a month

8,000 pound  21 ft straight mast $439 a day, $1,062 a week and $3,400 a month.

Industrial forklifts

30,000 pounds $900 day, 2520 week and 6093 month

36,000 pounds 880 a day, 2580 a week and 7500 a month.

Please remember that prices can vary due to the time of year and availability for forklift rental Loredo, TX.

Forklift Rental Companies in Loredo, Texas

We are partnered with several providers near Loredo. They generally have a good variety of forklifts but during busy seasons they may be out of certain ones.

United Rentals

1013 Emerald Valley Drive

Loredo, Tx 78043

Briggs Equipment

8422 Tejas Loop

Loredo, Tx 78045

J.V. Equipment, Inc.

302 W. Saunders

Loredo, Tx 78041

Texas First CAT Rental

109 S Aviators

Loredo, Tx 78043

The MyForkliftRental Guarantee

If you rent from one of our many providers, you get the equipment you want, when you want it and for as long as you want it. Our providers keep their forklifts very well maintained and keep each one performing at it maximum.

The providers we deal with keep the latest models available. They do this because as a piece of their equipment reaches a certain age, they sell it and replace it with a top of the line model. They keep a wide variety of models to increase the chances they will have the exact machine you want available when you want it. The newer models are great because they will operate at a lower cost than the older ones do. There is less of a chance of them breaking down and they are always ready to work hard for you.

Since we do work with several authorized dealers, we know the forklift rental Loredo business well. We help you find the forklift you need for the job at hand but will also help you locate and rent attachments such as clamps, extensions, and rotators. We can usually get the equipment for you on the same day.

If there is still a question as to just what forklift you need, some providers will come to your location and assess the needs, then recommend the one you need to get the job done the easiest.

We look forward to serving you!!

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