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forklift rental AbileneWhat you need to consider before renting

It is no easy task finding answers to questions about forklift rental Abilene, TX. What do companies have to offer that rent these machines to individuals?

Allow us to answer this question for you.

We offer different kinds of forklifts that will meet any need you have for any type of machine.

You can choose from our list including:

  • Sit-Down Riders
  • Warehouse Lifts
  • Narrow Aisle Lifts
  • Electric Lifts
  • Rough Terrain Lifts
  • Telescoping Reach Lifts
  • Diesel Lifts
  • Pneumatic Tire Lifts

We offer a cost comparison for all the types of lifts.

Cost totally depends on the duration of your forklift rental Abilene as well as the capacity required. The pricing may vary in range from $110 daily to $550 a month for a smaller capacity and up to $650 per day for the next size. The larger capacity lifts can run as much as $5,500 or more every month if you choose a monthly plan. Each lift is made for a certain type of work so one can cost much more than another depending on the unique design of each machine. You can call us or come by the office and see all we have to offer.


How long do you intend to rent?  You need to have a plan to know exactly how long your company needs a machine because daily, weekly, or maybe even monthly rates are available check from Cost is determined by the length of time you keep the machine. So rental can be expensive. You should include all projects you are anticipating finishing while the machine is in your possession. You should get several quotes to find the best price possible for forklift rental Abilene.

You should also consider the weight that you need to use the machine for along with the kinds of material that you are going to be using it to move from place to place.  A vertical lift that is easy to maneuver in tight quarters may be what you are looking for. Whatever the need, you are sure to find the right lift at one of the local dealers.


How will the equipment be moved? Does the company offer delivery or will you be responsible for transporting the equipment to your jobsite?

Forklift Dealers

A company who only deals in forklift rental Abilene should have a large inventory of the latest models. If you should want to purchase the same equipment that you have rented, there may be a rent-to-own option. Your insurance will probably need to cover the machinery. Lots of companies only will rent to companies that have insurance, although some may offer liability insurance. You can check with these local dealers:

Forklift Rental Abilene Companies

Briggs Equipment

8787 Wallisville Rd Abilene TX

Champion Rentals Inc.

6903 N Shepherd Dr Abilene TX

Aztec Rental Center

5702 Bissonet St Abilene TX

M&J International Purchasing Co. Inc.

3400 Mesa Dr Abilene TX

City Wide Equipment Rental

2947 Fondren Rd Abilene TX

Dixie Hardware Plumbing & Electrical Inc.

4321 Old Spanish Tri Abilene TX

Sunbelt Rentals

10620 Needham St Abilene TX

What is the Environment

Choose a machine that is capable of working in the environment for which it scheduled to be used. A three wheeled counterbalanced type will perform better in a tight space like a warehouse while a rough terrain type will work better outdoors.

More to Consider

Electric forklifts are usually the most cost effective though they are usually only used on indoor projects. There are outdoor types, which are easier to operate but they are limited. A dead battery can cost a lot of valuable time you will need to complete your task. Diesel powered forklifts are the less expensive, but the fumes make them more suited for the outdoor jobs. If you are looking for a lift with versatility, then gas powered is the way to go.

These machines can be used indoors or outdoors, but are more expensive to operate, making them the least cost effective forklift rental Abilene.

You will need to consider all the pros and cons in each company. For most it comes down to: Which way do I save the most money?  Renting is not a long term commitment so this is a great way to save money. This is especially true if the MyForkliftRental is only needed for a short time.  Also, if you are looking to purchase a forklift, renting is a great way test drive the models that interest you and your company


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