Top Rates Providers for Forklift Rental Edmonton, Canada

forklift rental Edmonton, CanadaThere are a few places in Canada that you can get forklift rental Edmonton.  Some of these companies have information easily accessible on their page, they have pricing for different kinds of forklifts and different time frames.  

Some pages do not have the information accessible at all and require you to fill out a contact form or call in order to obtain an estimate. You should always seek out the best deal in your area, even though research like this can be long, boring and tedious.

Forklift Companies Serving Edmonton

There are quite a few companies serving the forklift rental Edmonton area, but you should always check to make sure you are getting the best deal possible.  Check to make sure that these companies have insurance, what are they rated, and that they have a page where you can find customer testimonials.  

Always make sure the company that you are going for forklift rental Edmonton has a decent site and it is nicely set up. The better that their site is the better deals and opportunities they may have for you.

The top companies that come up if you put a search in for the Edmonton, Canada area are Cervus Equipment, Mid-West Forklifts & Equipment, and Briggs Equipment Ltd.  Each one of these sites has their own advantages and disadvantages, and it is ultimately up to you on which one you will choose, but the informations is presented here for your discovery.

What Kind of MyForkliftRental Do I Need

There are a few different types of Myforkliftrental you can rent.  Each one has a different function and serves a different purpose.  One that is meant for outside is not going to do well for inside. You may need an electric forklift because getting fuel may be difficult, or you may need one to go down narrow aisles.  Whatever your needs may be there may be a forklift rental Edmonton to serve them:

  • Sit-Down Rider Forklifts
  • Electric Forklifts
  • Rough Terrain Forklifts
  • Narrow-Aisle Forklifts
  • Telescopic Reach Forklifts
  • Warehouse Forklifts

Always check out all of your options to make sure that you get the best pricing for your forklift rental Edmonton.  Each company is a little bit different and each one may have different policies, this is why some of them do not post their prices.

Prices for Forklift Rentals Edmonton

A 31,000 lb. forklift can cost around $689 daily, $2,000 weekly and $5,400 monthly.

A 21,000 lb. forklift can cost around $625 daily, $1,860 weekly and $5,045 monthly.

Anything 16,000 lb. will probably cost you around $490 daily, $1,500 weekly and $4,545 monthly.

Anything around 12,000 lb. will most likely cost you $385 daily, $1,095 weekly and $3,615 monthly.

A 9,800 lb. forklift can cost around $300 to $350 daily, $780 to $890 weekly, and $1,950 to $2,500 monthly.

A 6,000lb. forklift can hit your pockets for $230 daily, $699 weekly and $1,917 monthly.

Anything 2,000 lb. to 5,000 lb. will costs about $201 daily, $599 weekly, and $1,390 monthly.

 Forklift Rental companies in Edmonton

We have searched and found a number of sites where you can get a quotes about how much your forklift rental Edmonton should cost, but also research the prices on your own. These sites are:

Briggs Equipment Ltd.

11350 2 St NW, Edmonton, AB T6S 1G2


This site does not have a very comprehensive list on rental pricing, but it has more than enough information to figure out what kind of forklift rental Edmonton you need and if they have it.  It also provides information to call and to e-mail if you are in need of a quote before you rent.

Cervus Equipment

9412 - 51 Avenue NW, Edmonton, AB T6E 5A6


This site does not seem to have pricing at all.  It does have a rather extensive list on what types of heavy equipment they will rent, but for quotes and pricing you will have to contact the company yourself.

Mid-West Equipment & Rentals

8025 Daves Rd. Northwest, Edmonton, AB, Canada


This site does not show what they have to offer in the way of rental or how much it would possibly cost to rent items.  You will most likely have total to find out any kind of valuable information when it comes to forklift rental Edmonton.

But which company is the best

That decision is up to you.  We cannot tell you which Edmonton company you should work with, all we can do is provide you a list of the top companies to look over.  Remember, some companies will not have what you need where other will.

Still Not Sure What to Do?

Check out the, get your quotes and make a pros and cons list.  That way you can make your own informed decision on which company you should choose.  Ultimately your decision is up to you.

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