Important Forklift Safety Tips In The Workplace

Renting a forklift is great, but did you know that every forklift operator needs to be certified by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)?

It is true. OSHA regulations demand that each worker who operates a forklift must be recertified every three years.

The test includes a short test with multiple choice questions.

In addition, multiple states require hands-on forklift driving tests.

There are penalties up to $10,000.00 for companies that fail to certify forklift drivers.

Here are some safety tips to avoid any forklift injuries for your company:

  1. Make sure everyone who has contact with a forklift is trained properly.
  2. Make sure no one operates a forklift unless that have been certified and trained adequately.
  3. Make sure all employees wear safety equipment or personal protective equipment (PPE).Proper Protective Equipment (PPE) includes:
    1. Steel-toed boots
    2. Hard hat
    3. High visibility vest/jacket
    4. Gloves
    5. Eye protection
    6. No loose clothing

Don’t try to move a load with your forklift if the weight or size is above the capacity of the forklift.

  1. Always inspect the forklift on a daily basis for any mechanical issues.  Check all controls and check the tires every day.
  2. Repair all issues before use.
  3. Inspect pallet jacks every six months.
  4. Before moving any inventory, check that your forklift load is balanced.
  5. Never operate a forklift without washing your hands.
  6. Never carry a load that is too big for you to see around.
  7. Always check the route you will take to move items and makes sure it is obstacle free.
  8. Always wear the seatbelt when operating a forklift.
  9. Always keep your entire body in the forklift when it is in operation.
  10. Never slam on the brakes or change driving direction suddenly.
  11. Always have a spotter.
  12. If you need to, use bungee cords to secure a load.
  13. Always check the height of your inventory load before proceeding to move inventory.
  14. Never touch a wire.  Presume that all wires conduct electricity.
  15. Avoid dips in the road or potholes at all times.
  16. Use your horn when working around people to announce you are moving, coming around a corner, backing up, or entering a new aisle.
  17. Never use a forklift around other big equipment.  This will prevent accidents and collisions.
  18. Never carry additional passengers.  The only person on a forklift at any point in time should be the driver.
  19. Never allow anyone (including the driver) to stand underneath a loaded forklift.

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