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Important Forklift Safety Tips In The Workplace

Renting a forklift is great, but did you know that every forklift operator needs to be certified by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)? It is true. OSHA regulations demand that each worker who operates a forklift must be recertified every three years. The test includes a short test with multiple choice questions. In […]

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Sample Forklift Rental Agreement – Terms & Conditions

Any forklift rental agreement tends to be long and full of complicated legal language. In this post, we would like to include all of the forklift rental agreement terms we are aware of. You will do a lot of signing and initialing. Therefore, this guide will prepare you for what the agreement looks like and […]

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Forklift Leasing – Everything You Needed To Know [2019 update]

So You decided to lease a forklift? Forklift leasing has its benefits. However, leasing a forklift is not suitable for every business. Many businesses would benefit more forklift rental. In this guide, we will review the forklift leasing options, lease terms, forklift leasing cost, forklift lease maintenance issues and much more.  There are still many […]

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