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forklift rental San DiegoWhen looking for forklift rental in San Diego, CA, the first thing you are going to think about is the price you are going to be paying. No matter what type of forklift you are looking for, we are going to be able to help you find the correct type of forklift for your warehouse, construction project or whatever else you need the forklift for.

You cannot go wrong by contacting us at MyForkliftRental. We can offer you a free quote from one of our San Diego forklift providers to get you a forklift to rent.

We will make sure to get you the lowest rate that is available in San Diego. All of our forklift rental providers are going to get you the customer service you only expect.

You are not going to be disappointed in the forklift rental service we are going to get for you. We at MyForkliftRental work with our customers through the entire rental process. No matter if you need a diesel, electric, LPG, or gasoline powered forklift ranging from 3,000 to 55,000 lb. lift capacity, we can get it for you at a price you will be happy with.

Forklift Rental in San Diego CA

Many customers needing to purchase a forklift for the very first time really do not even know what to do. The best thing to do when needing a forklift is to rent one out. Forklift rental is great for companies to test them out. There are many different reasons that people like to use forklift rental companies, such as:

  • Gives you the freedom of using a forklift that your company may only need to use a handful of times throughout the year
  • You can avoid the cost of service on the equipment, such as maintenance and high storage fees
  • If your forklift is broken or just being repaired for basic maintenance, renting a forklift is great so you do not have to go without one

We work with some of the largest forklift rental providers in San Diego and you are not going to be disappointed.

Variety of Types of Forklifts to Meet Your Needs

The website is going to make it easy for you to shop for forklift rental in San Diego and surrounding areas. The following are the different types of forklifts that you can rent from the many providers:

  • Sit-Down Rider Forklifts
  • Electric Forklifts
  • Rough Terrain Forklifts
  • Narrow-Aisle Forklifts
  • Telescopic Reach Forklifts
  • Warehouse Forklifts

When you are ready to save cash on your next forklift rental in San Diego, you need to fill out the short form to the right or call one of our forklift rental specialists to get the best rates available in San Diego. You are not going to find a better quality service for such a low price anywhere.

What to Expect to Pay for Forklift Rental in San Diego

The following are some basic prices for forklift rental in San Diego. Prices can vary depending upon timing and availability of the forklift you need:
Type of Forklift
Daily Rate
Weekly Rate
Monthly Rate
5,000 lbs.
3,000 lbs.
6,000 lbs. rough terrain
12,000 lbs.
 You can also rent 5,000 lb. 4WD reach forklifts, 6,000 lb. 2WD reach forklifts, 36,000 lb. forklifts and 40,000 lb. forklifts.

Forklift Rental Providers in San Diego

We at MyForkliftRental are partners with several forklift rental providers in and around the San Diego area. Always remember that during peak times, there are going to be certain forklift models that may not be available at the time that you need it for. Always look ahead of time for a forklift but do keep in mind that our forklift rental in San Diego providers are going to have a steady supply of forklifts for your needs.

Clairemont Equipment Rental

4726 Convoy St.

San Diego, CA 92111

BJ’s Rental

3959 Pacific Hwy.

San Diego, CA 92110

Sunbelt Rentals

3860 Sherman St.

San Diego, CA 92110

United Rentals

6144 Federal Blvd.

San Diego, CA 92114

Quality Lift Trucks

San Diego, CA  

(619) 425-1640

The Best Forklift Rental

Forklift rentals from one of our San Diego providers will get you equipment that is very well-maintained. You are not going to get forklifts that are in need of any kind of repair. You get the forklifts for as long as you need it and when you want it.

It is just important that you let us know upfront if you feel that you are going to need the forklift for an extended period of time. All equipment that you rent is going to perform at a top-notch level.

Most of the forklift rental providers that we deal with are going to have a large selection of all of the newer models of forklifts. Most providers are going to sell older forklifts because they know their customers are not going to want to rent old equipment. You are going to get late model forklifts to rent that are maintained properly to keep you and your employees safe.

We at MyForkLiftRental are also going to help you rent forklift attachments, including clamps, rotators, push-pulls, extensions and carpet poles. Most times, you are going to be able to get your forklift rental for same day you request it.

Final Words

It is not easy to understand forklifts and the rental process completely and easily. This is where our team of professionals can be of assistance to you. By filling out of form on the right hand side of this page, you will get contacted by one of our team members to better educate you in the process of renting a forklift from many of the providers in the San Diego area.

If you prefer, you can just call us directly. Many times, a rep from the forklift rental provider in San Diego you choose will come out to your site survey the location to make sure your needs are fit best.

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