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forklift rental Phoenix, AZFinding a forklift rental in Phoenix, AZ does not have to be challenging. If you need a forklift for a short or long-term rental, we can help. It does not matter how big or small the job is, we can assist you in finding the perfect forklift for your needs.

Quality is our guarantee. There should be no worry involved in renting a forklift and our providers only offer the best equipment. We will get you the lowest rate with the best service.

Our service cannot be matched. We will assist with all aspects of the rental process. We can help find any forklift for any job in the area. Whether you have a big lift or a light load, we can help get you set up with the appropriate equipment.

Our fleet of forklift equipment in Phoenix is low-hour, well maintained and ready to go to work

Everyone has a budget to work with and maintaining control of it is key to success. Renting equipment can help get the job done without busting through the budget with a large purchase.

Forklift Rental in Phoenix, AZ, can be the most economical option, as there are many factors to consider after deciding to purchase. Maintenance can be costly and is completely avoided when the machinery is rented. Space becomes less of an issue when renting as there is no need to store the forklift when not in use.

One of the major benefits of forklift rental in Phoenix, AZ, rather than buying, is saving time. Time is invaluable on a project and a broken piece of machinery can cost quite a bit of both time and money. Our providers offer the security of replacement options when a machine breaks down and needs repair.

Various Types of Forklifts to Meet Your Requirements

Our website ( makes it easy for you to shop for rentals in Phoenix. Here are some of the types of forklifts you can rent:

  • Sit-Down Rider Forklifts
  • Electric Forklifts
  • Rough Terrain Forklifts
  • Narrow-Aisle Forklifts
  • Telescopic Reach Forklifts
  • Warehouse Forklifts

Are you ready to save money on your next rental? Simply fill out our form to the right or call one of our forklift rental in Phoenix, AZ specialists to get rates in your area. You will not find better quality for such a low price elsewhere than MyForkLiftRental. Our service is unmatched, and we look forward to helping you find the perfect piece of equipment to get your job done!

Prices for Forklift Rental in Phoenix, AZ

Prices do vary based on timing and availability.

A 3,000 lb. Forklift: DAY $125 WEEK $345 MONTH $1015

A 5,000 lb. Forklift: DAY $130 WEEK $420 MONTH $1105
A 6,000 lb. Rough Terrain Forklift: DAY $150 WEEK $480 MONTH $1550
A 8,000 lb. Forklift: DAY $175 WEEK $570 MONTH $1750
A 12,000 lb. Forklift: DAILY $220 WEEK $1150 MONTH $2600
There are many other types of forklift available. If you need it, we can find it.

Forklift Rental Companies in Phoenix, AZ

We have partnered up with several forklift rental providers in and around Durham. Keep in mind that during peak times, certain forklift models may not be available. However, our providers have a steady supply of forklifts.

Sunbelt Rentals

2202 W Melinda Ln, Phoenix, AZ 85027

United Rentals Inc.

2210 W Williams Dr, Phoenix, AZ 85027

H&E Equipment Services

4010 S 22nd St, Phoenix, AZ 85040v

Cactus Equipment

4030 E University Dr, Phoenix, AZ 85034

Reliable Forklift Sales

2150 E University Dr, Phoenix, AZ 85034

The MyForkLiftRental Guarantee

When renting from our providers, you can rest easy knowing your equipment will arrive on time, in good condition and ready to work. There is no better feeling than knowing your job can reliably start on time with the appropriate equipment.

It is common practiced amongst our providers MyForkLiftRental to use newer model forklifts that have been recently purchased. As the equipment ages and has extensive hours of use, it is replaced with a newer, reliable model. This allows you to have the confidence in well kept, efficient units for the job.

Most equipment is available same day. We can also assist with obtaining useful accessories including: clamps, rotators, push-pulls, extensions, and carpet poles. We are here at your service to help get the job done and the right equipment to do it.

Still Not Sure What to Do?

It is our job to know the forklift industry and rentals in your area, inside and out. To have one of our customer service representatives assist with all of your forklift needs, simply fill out to form to the right or call MyForkLiftRental directly.

Some of our providers will send a representative to come to your job site location to assess your needs specifically. This will ensure the most appropriate unit for the task. Otherwise, our representatives will help provide the equipment to get your job done safely and efficiently.

We look forward to serving you and helping get the job done!

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