Money Saving for Forklift Rental in Chandler, AZ – Professional Approach

forklift Rental ChandlerIf you’re looking for forklift Rental in Chandler, AZ, for your upcoming construction project or warehouse, look no further than Whether you need a forklift for a few days or a few months, we can help you find the best solution for your project.

With quality equipment and cost-effective solutions, we can find the right forklift rental in Chandler, AZ to fit your needs. We compare prices so you’re always getting the best equipment at the lowest rate. And best of all, your quote is completely free – so you can see the low prices for yourself with absolutely no risk.

At the end of the day, we serve your needs and walk with you every step of the way. Whether you are looking for diesel, electronic, LPG or gasoline forklifts, we have what you need for your specific project. Our MyForkliftRental range in lift capacity from 3,000 to 55,000 pounds.

State of The Art Fleet

We know your budget is important, that’s why we make it easy for you to compare rates and capabilities – so you’re getting the best forklift at the lowest cost. This makes it easy for you to focus your energy on your upcoming project, without having to worry about forklift equipment.

If you’re thinking about buying a forklift, consider a rental first so that you can experience the machine and know which one is right for you without the cost and burden of purchasing and maintaining your own.

If you choose to rent with us, we can also offer replacement machines or parts if you have mechanical problems with your forklift. The fact that we work with and have access to some of the largest forklift providers in your area is one of the top benefits of renting from us. Plus, we have customer service that responds to your inquiries quickly and efficiently.  

Various Types of Forklifts to Meet Your Requirements

Our website ( makes it easy for you to compare forklift rental in Chandler. Here are the types of forklifts you have access to:

  • Sit-Down Rider Forklifts
  • Electric Forklifts
  • Rough Terrain Forklifts
  • Narrow-Aisle Forklifts
  • Telescopic Reach Forklifts
  • Warehouse Forklifts

Are you ready to find the perfect forklift for your project at the lowest price? Just fill out the form or call one of our forklift rental specialist to get the most accurate rates for your area.

Prices for Forklift Rentals in Chandler, AZ

A 5,000 lb. forklift can cost about $150 daily, $412 weekly, or $1,212 monthly.

A 3,000 lb. forklift will range from $155 daily to $1,315 monthly.
If you need a 6,000 lb. rough terrain forklift, expect to pay $181 daily, $567 weekly, or $1,805 monthly.
The 8,000 lb. forklift is currently priced at $205 daily, $665 weekly, up to $1,753 monthly.
A 12,000 lb. forklift can be $257 daily, $1,336 weekly, or $3,090 monthly.
We also have 5,000 lb. 4WD reach forklifts, 6,000 lb. 2WD reach forklifts, 36,000 lb. forklifts, and 40,000 lb. forklifts.
Keep in mind that actual prices may vary due to timing and availability.

Forklift Rental Companies in Chandler, AZ

We have partnered up with several providers forklift rental in Chandler and around the area. While our providers have a steady supply of forklifts, during peak times certain models may not be available.

United Rentals Inc.

215 E Baseline Rd Gilbert Az

Hertz Equipment Rental Corp.

755 E Baseline Rd Gilbert Az

Sunstate Equipment Co.

1945 S Lee Cir Mesa Az

A To Z Equipment Rentals & Sales

1313 E Baseline Rd Gilbert Az

Sunstate Equipment Co.
5425 E Washington St Phoenix Az


Nothing But the best

When you choose us for your forklift rental in Chandler, AZ needs, you can rest assured that you are getting well-maintained equipment that has been taken care of. You can rent for as long as you need to complete your project with confidence that your forklift will continue to perform at a high capacity.

The dealers we work with have a large selection of forklifts and sometimes you can even get a same-day rental for emergency projects. We can also help you get forklift attachments that you may need for your project.

Final Words

We know you are looking for reliable equipment at a low cost. To learn more or get a free quote, complete the form or call MyForkliftRental directly. Depending on the provider you choose, they may come out to your project site to get the best forklift rental in Chandler for your project.

We look forward to meeting your forklift needs!

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